Joseph Tito

Joseph Tito, multi-talented CEO of JEO Productions has an extensive background in the entertainment industry that spans over a decade and includes executive producing, directing and screenwriting. A passionate world-traveller and committed to the power of this medium, Joseph has been inspired by the many artists and countries that he has encountered to direct and write projects and develop creative concepts. He has written eight screenplays to date, directed and produced two feature films (Death of the Virgin - 2009, Balla Che Ti Passa - 2005), six short films, executive produced three television series (Blending in with the Bahrainis - 2014, Deals in the Desert - 2015, Arabia Motors - 2016) and additional works for film and television, including pilots, commercials, documentaries, corporate videos and government productions. Joseph has enjoyed accolades and critical acclaim within many countries, including Canada, Italy and Bahrain. Within Bahrain, Joseph has expanded the reach of his company to include numerous cultural events, television commercials and shows, TV series, corporate videos, films, plus is in constant development of a variety of exciting projects. Working with many different artists around the world has opened this visionary's eyes to accept and rediscover new perspectives, as well as incorporate them into new ways of addressing and presenting material to create the most emotive and thought-provoking response. His visionary leadership has expanded his company’s success and critical-acclaim exponentially, and his creative drive has assisted in a multitude of projects moving from their initial concept to actuality.