Hello Darling

Step into our world.

Tucked away in the trendiest of Toronto neighbourhoods, “Queen West”, madam Tonya Grossi runs a Bed & Breakfast experience like no other. Attracting the misfits, the artists, the recluses and the deviants, the Darling Mansion holds space to bedding them, and cultivating the most peculiar and private of gatherings - where creativity, sexuality and the obtuse meet to stimulate both minds and bodies. Meet the long-term guests, artists both famous and infamous, while each episode dives deeper into their lives and why they choose the Darling Mansion as home. Also explore the sumptuous rooms, through the appetites of their short-term guests, a new face added to the mix each episode. And discover the decadence that Tonya orchestrates, in a series of dinner parties reminiscent of Eyes Wide Shut, where this mix of misfits gather and discuss what draws them to the peculiar rooms of the Darling Mansion - Art, in it’s many forms - from the grotesque, to the extravagant. The Darling Mansion, lives and breathes on it’s own, finely curated by the puppet master Tonya, it’s ready to stimulate your senses. Prepare yourself for this guilty pleasure, step into the world that’s beyond the mansions’ doors.






© 2016 by JEO Productions. 

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