Chicken Nuggets

Brown on the outside, white on the inside.

Confait is an emerging hip hop artist. Dancing is his meditation and music is his art. He’s talented and cocky, like a hundred other American kids hoping to making in the business.


Except despite the brash talk and endless swagger, Confait has never set foot in America. Born and raised in Bahrain, he found solace from a troubled childhood in Hip Hop artists from the US. From them, he learned how not only to speak in English, but he now thinks in English. A self-professed chicken nugget, he’s Arab on the outside, and Western on the inside.


It hasn’t been easy dealing with Arab ideals, expectations, and stereotypes. So his aim is to go to LA and make it big.  And maybe, just for once, be accepted for who he is.


But while Confait could pass for American to most people in the Middle East, who is he when he gets to America? Bahrain made, but American raised, Chicken Nugget is an f’ed up ramspringa that explores what happens when a hip-hop outsider in his own homeland comes to his spiritual home, one that’s deeply divided over issues of race, religion and freedom of expression.


Charming, talented and ready for anything, Confait is defying every stereotype in his journey to find acceptance, hip-hop style.






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