about us

JEO started as a film & television production house that creates and produces original content for international television broadcasters, distributors, government authorities, companies and private clients. With over a decade of film and television production experience, JEO’s offices spanned from Canada, Italy and and Bahrain. Their filmography includes a multitude of short films, documentaries and two feature films filmed in Canada and Italy with distribution and international festival showings. With their work in the Gulf, they have gained insider access to the lifestyle and culture and focus on developing engaging television series to distribute internationally.


Jeo is dedicated to making visually-stimulating productions efficiently and effectively, within a broad range of quality projects from feature films, documentaries, television series, commercials, to promotional and corporate videos or short films. By continuously checking their balance of business savvy and creative techniques, JEO’s mission is to love what we do, meaning that they collaborate with the utmost efficiency, creativity and emotion they can muster. Their vision is to create, produce and support, which entails a vision to create artistic content and opportunities whilst continuing to teach and support the future generations of filmmakers. They have established many projects that support Bahrain, it’s culture and it’s aspiring filmmakers, most importantly is their Create Bahrain project which offers their services for new ideas from directors, screenwriters and artists, as well as documents in video various artists that enjoy their craft. They also have progressed in developing the first Performing Arts School in Bahrain, The Seventh Wave, which will open it's doors in January 2017.

our team

Joseph Tito

Chief Executive Officer

Director - Agent

Josie Houpt



Jibin V

Head of Post-Production

Head Editor

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