rites of [love]

Boasting an international team of female cinematographers, we specialize in coverage of the most private and elaborate of affairs.


Our brides hail from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and we have extensive experience in covering from the most intimate to the most extravagant weddings. 


We believe that high-quality wedding coverage is a must to remember your special day.


To see more of our wedding film samples, please visit us at Vimeo JEO Productions.


Due to the private nature of the majority of our wedding film clients, a consultation is required, where we can showcase small clips from our larger films.


These beautiful images and moving motion picture quality is offered in different wedding packages specifically designed with a memorable DVD film in mind. One that you can share with your family and friends forever. 

[film] packages

a [wed]ding story

we here at jeo look forward to capturing a meaningful and personal film for you to cherish for a lifetime. we offer a unique perspective in shooting a montage short film introducing the bride and groom and highlighting the most poignant parts from the wedding. included in the film is two days of shooting, one day shoot with the bride and groom before the wedding date (2-3 hrs), where we interview both on your story, how you met, special loving messages you care to share to each other, plus some sunny and love-filled shots of the two of you. then we are yours for the entire wedding day and night to capture the best moving images from your experience, including the bride and groom getting ready, the location design, the guests celebrating and any ceremonial touches you have chosen to add into your day (zaffa, cutting the cake, first dance, dinner). any additional family members that wish to share sweet messages can be filmed on location. the work doesn’t stop there! after the two days of shooting, we work on editing a moving full feature film, mixing the days with a powerful soundtrack and titles. you will receive all the raw footage on a harddrive, as well as DVD copies of your personal film to cherish forever. 


[my] special day

desiring a touching short film documenting your wedding day? our film team will follow the bride and groom from the initial preparations, beauty shots and/or photo-shoots, through the ceremony, dancing and celebrations. we offer you a 30-40 minute short film, including interviews of the bride and groom, and mixed to a montage of moving images and music of your choice. again, you will receive the raw footage on a harddrive, as well as DVD copies of your special day. 


[marry] music

for the fun-loving couple who wish to remember their wedding celebration in a fun and engaging way! choose your favorite song (or we can suggest one to you), have the wedding guests learn it (or we’ll coach them), and we shoot a highlight video of your wedding day to the song soundtrack. this 3-5 minute video includes highlight footage of the main points in your wedding day, plus the bride, groom, family and friends singing to the camera throughout the wedding events a portion of the song. a music video capturing the feel of the day, whilst seeing all the love shared during the celebration! 



like the [marry] music option, you can also choose the option of a 3-5 minute highlight video of your wedding celebration mixed to your favorite song. what’s the difference? for the guests who won’t sing, we can do a beautiful montage “best of” video of the memories of your day.


[consult] with us you can view our wedding reel and samples at www.vimeo.com/jeo due to the private and personal nature of the majority of our wedding films, we suggest you booking a consultation with Josie Houpt to see more extensive video samples as well as discuss and cater to your wedding film needs. Every wedding is unique and we pride in accessing the 'feel' of your special day, from music soundtrack choices to elements of cinematography. 

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